[AusNOG] BSA Act part 3 (Filtering)

Martin Barry marty at supine.com
Thu Jan 3 01:48:38 EST 2008

$quoted_author = "Bevan Slattery" ;
> > "Bevan, you keep going on about "a list", but what does it contain? File
> > names? Sizes? MD5 hashes?
> > 
> > How does that take into account things like rips at different bitrates,
> > images of different compressions and words in different formats?
> > 
> > How many permutations are possible and who is going to classify them
> > all?"
> You probably aren't aware, but there is a list already.  

oh, i'm aware of that list.

> It is a URL/IP address list and it's run by DCITA. 

my point was that URL/IPs are not much good if you look beyond a HTTP
centric Internet.

what's the identifier for other transfer mechanisms? 

let's take bittorrent. does the list contain the URI of the torrent and then
the software blocks the tracker and/or the peer IPs? are you going to have
to crawl thepiratebay and download everything in order to identify which
torrents are seeding "objectionable" content?

> If they have to run more items in the database list, then that's what
> they'll have to do.  The DB will be run by a government department or
> agency (such as netalert).

it's not the size that i'm referring to, it's the technical ability to
identify something "objectionable" with a scalable methodology.


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