[AusNOG] APNIC Executive Council Election

James Spenceley james at vocus.com.au
Sat Feb 16 16:54:48 EST 2008

Hello All,

As David mentioned I'll be presenting the proxy votes in Taipei and  
wanted to encourage everyone to get their proxies back to David.

For those of you who have been to APNIC elections, you'll understand  
what we are up against, the organizational voting blocks of the bigger  
Asian countries is formidable. The big chance we have to get our  
representation comes from the vast numbers of Small members we have in  

Surprisingly Aussie small members alone account for roughly 10% of all  
APNIC votes.

I've listed all the Small/Medium members at the end of this email, if  
you're on the list take a couple of minutes to get the proxy form back  
to David, and if you notice one of two of your customer/friends please  
take the opportunity to send them the proxy form and details of the  

It is likely that during David's term we will see the practical  
exhaustion of IPv4 address or certainly the effects of imminent  
exhaustion. Australia has had a very checkered and interesting history  
in regards to resource allocations and as older service providers will  
no doubt remember policy changes are likely to effect AU/NZ most of  
all. Remember .au alone accounts for over 30% of all APNIC members, so  
getting an ISP representative is vital.

Vocus Communications

.au Domain Administration
1. Net Pty Ltd
3GIS Pty Ltd
45RU Pty Ltd
Ace Internet Services Pty Ltd
ActiveNet Pty Ltd
Adam Link Pty Ltd
Affinity Internet Pty Ltd
Alcatel Australia
Allegro Networks Pty Ltd
Amnet IT Services Pty Ltd
AMP Services Ltd
Amtac Professional Services Pty Ltd
Anchor Systems Pty Ltd
ANS Communications Pty Ltd.
Astron Communication and Information Services Pty Ltd
AusRegistry Group
AussieHQ Pty Ltd
Aust Domains International Pty Ltd
Austar Entertainment Pty Ltd
Australia Internet Solutions Pty Ltd
Australia On Line Pty Ltd
Australia Power Control Systems
Australian Academic and Research Network
Australian Private Networks Pty Ltd
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BarNetwork Pty Limited
Betfair Technology Pty. Ltd.
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Brennan Voice and Data Pty Ltd
Bright Telecommunications Pty Ltd
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Clarinet Australia
Clever Communications Operations Pty Ltd
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Conceptual Internet Australia Pty Ltd
Conexim Australia Pty. Limited
Connect Infobahn Australia
Corpita Pty Ltd
Country Energy Telecommunications
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Cybercentral Pty Ltd
Cybertrust Australia Pty Ltd
Cynergic Pty Ltd
D&M Technologies Pty Ltd
Data FX Online Pty Ltd
Datacom Systems
DCS Internet
Defence Science Technology Organisation
Department of Education Science and Training (DEST)
Digital Distribution Australia
Digital River Pty Ltd
Dolphin IT Pty Ltd
DOT Communications Pty Ltd
E.Tel Communications Pty Ltd
ECN Pty Ltd
Ecomtel Pty Ltd
Elders Telecommunications PTY LTD
Emersion Software Systems Pty Ltd
Empcom Pty Ltd
Ensyst Pty Ltd
Ergon Energy Telecommunications Pty Ltd
Ernst & Young Services Pty Ltd
Ethan Group Pty Ltd
Etherwave Networks Pty Ltd
ETSA Telecoms
E-Vision Internet Pty Ltd
G. James Australia Pty. Ltd.
G.P.A. Technology Pty. Ltd.
Georjen Pty Ltd
GetOnIt Pty Ltd
Global Connect Australia
Global Dial Pty Ltd
Global Info-Links
Gotalk Pty Ltd
Grapevine Ventures
HastingsTrust t/a Linear G
HGA IT & T Solutions Pty Ltd
HiTech Telecom Pty Ltd
Host Networks Pty Ltd
Hosting Shop
Hostway Corporation Pty Ltd
Hostworks Internet Services Pty Ltd
Hostworks Pty Ltd
Hotspotzz Pty Ltd
Hutchison 3G Australia Pty Ltd
Hyperlink Pty Ltd
I.T. Basecamp Pty Ltd
IBM Global Services Australia
IBM GSA Australia Ltd
ICO International Pty Ltd
IDXnet Computing Pty Ltd
Ilisys Web Hosting Pty Ltd
Illuminate Internet Services Pty Ltd
Infoplex Pty Ltd
Informed Technology
Ingenuity Hosting Pty Ltd
Integrated Vision
Integrity Network Solutions Pty Ltd
Intelligent IP Communications Pty Ltd
Internap Network Services (Australia) Co. Ltd.
InterNet Australis
Internet Solutions Pty Ltd
InterNex Australia Pty Ltd trading as Connexus Internet
Intrapower Pty Ltd
IP Systems Pty Ltd
IPC Network Services Asia Limited
Ipera Pty Ltd
IPSTAR Australia Pty. Ltd.
Iseek Communications Pty Ltd
ISP Networks Pty Ltd
ISPhone Australasia Pty Ltd
ispOne Pty Ltd
IT System Management Pty Ltd
Kallistrate Pty Ltd
KBS Internet Pty Ltd
KDDI Australia
Koala Telecom (Australia) PTY LTD
Leading Edge Internet Pty Ltd
Legion.com.au Pty Ltd
Link Innovations Pty. Ltd.
LiSP Pty Ltd
Macquarie Bank
Macquarie Corporate Telecommunications
Making the Network for You Pty Ltd
Managed Solutions Pty Ltd
Mediadome Pty Ltd t/a United IP
Medicare Australia
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Monash University
MoneySwitch Limited
Mort Bay Communications
National ICT Australia Ltd
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NEC Australia Pty Ltd
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NetHighway Pty Ltd
NetRegistry Pty Ltd
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NTT Australia Pty Ltd
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OMNIconnect Pty Ltd
ONEWire Pty Ltd
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Oz Servers Pty Ltd
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TransACT Capital Communications Pty Limited
UeComm Pty Ltd
Ultra Serve Internet Pty Ltd
UniSky Pty Ltd
United Telecommunications Pty Ltd
University of Queensland
VeriSign Australia Pty Ltd
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Vicnet - Victoria's Network
Vodafone Australia Pty Ltd
Voicedot Networks Pty Ltd
Webit Technologies Pty Ltd
Westvic Broadband Pty Ltd
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YourASP Pty Ltd

On 16/02/2008, at 11:12 AM, David J.Hughes wrote:

> [ This message is being sent to several mailing lists and many  
> individuals.  I apologise if you receive duplicates ]
> Hi
> The voting for the APNIC Executive Council has started and, as many  
> of you already know, I've nominated for a position on the EC.  I  
> think it's a critical time for us to have representation from an  
> Australian service provider on the EC - something we haven't had  
> since 2003.  I hope that I can count on your support.
> There are 2 options for voting in this election :
> 	1. Online via MyAPNIC (as long as you have an APNIC digital  
> certificate)
> 	2. Via a proxy vote.
> The online process is quite arduous at best and has proven to be  
> unreliable from my experience.  If you don't already have an APNIC  
> cert then in all honesty the old fashioned, paper based solution is  
> far easier.
> To facilitate proxy voting, James Spenceley of Vocus Communications  
> has offered to present all proxy votes at the APNIC meeting in  
> Taipei.  Attached to this email is the proxy voting paperwork, pre- 
> completed with James' details.  If you would like to support my  
> election to the EC could you please complete the form and either  
> scan/email it back to me or fax it to 07 3319 6058.
> For the proxy form to be valid it must include the number of votes.   
> Your voting rights are linked to the size of your membership   
> (small, large etc etc).  If you are at all unsure of the size of  
> your membership you can verify the details at the link below :
> Australia
> 	http://www.apnic.net/apnic-bin/memlist.pl?size=&cc=au&sort=ascending
> New Zealand
> 	http://www.apnic.net/apnic-bin/memlist.pl?size=&cc=nz&sort=ascending
> Details about the number of votes available to each size of  
> membership is show at the link below
> 	http://www.apnic.net/docs/corpdocs/member-fee-schedule.html
> Historically, the participation rate in the EC elections from  
> Australian members has been very low.  It's very important for you  
> guys to participate in this process if we are going to have any  
> chance of electing representation from our industry.  Having the  
> support of the Tier-1 telco's and national ISPs is fantastic but  
> it's not enough to counter the voting blocks from Asia and the sub- 
> continent.  We need all the members, including those that don't  
> usually participate, to cast their votes.  I hope that by organising  
> this proxy I've simplified the process so that we have a good chance  
> of getting the numbers required.
> If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
> Thanks
> David
> ...
> <Proxy vote - David Hughes.pdf>
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