[AusNOG] Equinix Peering Now East Coast (Syd/Mel/Bne)

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Interesting.  We've been delivering WebCentral to our Sydney IX and ABC
to our Brisbane and Melbourne IX for quite sometime at no additional
cost. Simply because we are so nice :-)





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Hey all,

For a while I was getting conflicting information that Equinix peering
has expanded to Brisbane and Melbourne and joining the peering in any
city gave you access to both other cities peering fabric.

I had a couple of people telling me that they were offering it, and
others saying that it was nonsense.

Today I've had it confirmed.


All routes are shared between the peering locations in Sydney, Brisbane
and Melbourne.


We have inter-capital backhaul capacity connecting it all up.



Hope this helps,



TEL +61.2.8337.2004
MOB +61.410.104.791
terry.takouridis at ap.equinix.com <mailto:terry.takouridis at ap.equinix.com>


So, you seem to only have to connect to Equinix peering in Sydney to get
access to WebCentral peering with Eq in Brisbane.

This is an awesome thing I guess...

Is Pipe looking at offering something like this?



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