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Tue Oct 10 12:20:59 EST 2006

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> AAPT believe they are acting within the law.
> Pipe believe they are acting within the law.

Just to clarify:

Our telehousing agreement with AAPT has been terminated (with notice).
We have to remove our equipment by a particular date extremely close to
our notice date.  That is not being disputed by either party.

The area of legal discussion is our right to install new 'in-building
subscriber services'.  So for avoidance of doubt all equipment covered
by the telehousing agreement is needed to be removed (without
intervention from a court or regulatory body).  In the meantime we are
trying to offer a replacement method of connectivity.  We are doing
EVERYTHING within our power to continue to provide services on a
sustainable commercial manner in these facilities, however it looks like
time will beat us.  As such we are required to give all our customers
notice of discontinuation of services in these facilities.

Nearly all other carriers wouldn't bother with the level of
administrative and legal investment we are making in this area.  We are
the ONLY carrier prepared to have the fight for our customers.  So when
someone says we are 'harming our customers' I take extreme exception to



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