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Hey John,

	AAPT are apparently installing a PoP down at Globalswitch and it
should be ready in the next month or two.

	At the moment I don't know if Pipe or AAPT are completely innocent
in this mess.. There is a lot of schoolyard crap going on.  AAPT's legal
department is certainly doing the speaking, which in my opinion is hurting
them more than anything else since this people aren't considering the
industry, or how they will be perceived in it.

	The two key parts I see in this dispute are Colo and

	Re Colo - AAPT have the right to tell people who are only using colo
to get out of their DC's.  It's always been known (at least, I knew it) that
if you didn't buy bandwidth or other services from them, you weren't allowed
to colo there.  They are apparently really short on space and want to push
people out the door who don't buy other things off of them.

	Re Interconnection - The issues with Pipe/PowerTel and others, I
believe that AAPT have the right to do what they are doing as they own the
DC.  The reason what they are doing is wrong, is that they allowed the
attitude/position of 'Carrier Neutral' to foster of many years and in
essence they have brought this situation upon themselves.  Changing the
rules suddenly is their prerogative, but, I personally believe it is
probably for reasons which have not come to light very clearly.

	My belief is that AAPT is more upset with PowerTel than Pipe.
PowerTel are very similar to AAPT in their market offerings and PowerTel
selling services to customers in AAPT DC's was attacking their bottom line
directly.  I suspect this has irritated AAPT and caused them to have a
change of attitude which other people like Pipe have been caught up in as
you can't really apply to rules to one and not all.

	I don't think there will be issues buying Optus services in AAPT
facilities as I believe Optus do have a facilities agreement with AAPT for
the provision of services.

	My personal issue with this whole mess is that Pipe is pulling out
at the end of October.  AAPT says (but has yet to put it in writing) that
they offered Pipe January 31st (or something like it). I wish both parties
would stop punishing their customers as they are the ones who are going to
be most hurt out of this fight.

	Right now, they are both seriously pissed off at each other and
getting them to talk and extend these dates seems to be difficult.


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AAPT are unhappy about allowing other carriers providing services to AAPT's
customers (and those customer's customers).

What this means is if you colo at AAPT and want to use Pipe or even Optus to
get a circuit to somewhere else you have a problem.

In my humble opinion getting the hell out of AAPT colos is a very sensible
action.  It is not a suitable place to be unless you are a 100% AAPT
customer.  Since AAPT's can't reach places like GlobalSwitch in Sydney on
their network you're pretty much stuffed if you want to do anything smart.

AAPT have kicked Internode/Agile (that's us) out of their facilities in no
uncertain terms.  Several AAPT customers who are also Internode customers
have followed us out.


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On Tue, 10 Oct 2006, Jacques Kosky wrote:

> Hi Folks
> We have just been informed that due to changes in the AAPT co-location 
> policy that Access Wireless will be pulling out of AAPT at 530 Collins 
> St Melbourne. Can anyone out there give me a heads up (off list if you
> All discretion and privacy offered) about exactly what AAPT are up to?
> I have always lived by the rule of knowing when to get out of Dodge 
> and secondly how to get out of Dodge. Any recommendations for a decent 
> carrier neutral data center in  Melbourne CBD or close by gratefully 
> received. Must have access to Uecomm, Powertel, Telstra, Pipe, Macquarie
and Access Wireless.
> Its not a move I take lightly but its good to have a backup plan or three.
> Apologies for cross posting. It just that electrons are expensive 
> these days. :-) _______________________________________
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