[AusNOG] APC Masterswitches

Bob Purdon bobp at staff.pipenetworks.com
Thu Jan 19 16:00:45 EST 2006

Well, I got a few replies off-list.

A couple of APC users saying they'd had no problems with their units,
and one who had seen a similar pattern to what I've seen and has
migrated to http://www.altusen.com.tw/products/product.php?Item=PN9108

I suspect many would also be familiar with the Baytech units - while I
haven't seen as many of those, I have seen one that failed with enough
explosive force that it blew a hole in the PCB.

As far as APC's - I've not come across any of the newer model (the black
ones) that have failed, but then we haven't been using those particular
units all that long.

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