[AusNOG] APC Masterswitches

Bob Purdon bobp at staff.pipenetworks.com
Thu Jan 19 10:01:29 EST 2006

Hi All,

I'm curious to hear other people's experience with the older APC
Masterswitches (AP9212) as I've seen a good number of these fail over
the last 6 months.  

Some were hardly suprising (they were in poorly cooled locations and the
temperature of the units was very high).  Some, like the one I saw this
morning, were really unexpected - in a cool location with good airflow,
bolted with a gap top & bottom.  Others were in environments in between
- and not all in one facility, or even facilities operated by one
company, or even in one state.

In one case, I saw three of these units, all installed the same day,
fail within days of each other (they were installed in adjacent racks,
not all in one).

Is anyone else seeing these types of failures with the old APC


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