[AusNOG] DNSBL.net.au

Pete - Riverland Internet psid at riverland.net.au
Wed Jan 18 16:22:09 EST 2006

> Has anyone had any dealings with www.dnsbl.net.au
> <http://www.dnsbl.net.au/>

Yes, Mark Reynolds used to be on aussie-isp. Seemed like a reasonable
bloke, but I've never had anything listed by him.

It's supposed to be pretty easy to get removed from the list:

> .. they block the whole bloody subnet. So our hosting server has been
> blocked because of another server in our subnet is blocked. When
> challenged they said that they used to block 2 subnets.
> .. Surely this cannot be legal. I
> would be interested in hearing your thoughts, and or someone I can
> contact to report this.

What's illegal about it? He doesn't block mail, he just makes a list. Some
mailserver admins might block mail based on the list, but that's their
choice. And IMO a "very brave one, Minister".

I don't mind using RBL results to add points in spamassassin, but outright
blocking mail based on RBL doesn't seem appropriate to me: anyway not on
an ISP's mailserver. On a private/company server people can make whatever
rules they like, but I have thousands of users with different

My 2c

Peter Siddall
Riverland Internet
psid at riverland.net.au

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