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Stephen Baxter steve at staff.pipenetworks.com
Wed Jan 18 10:03:42 EST 2006

When I attended NANOG last year this attitude was the real under current
of many conversations. US carriers seem to have a real 'cake and eat it'
attitude to their customers. 

I wonder what would happen the day that a large carrier with a few
million eyes decides to reprioritise Google over MSN ? 

For all the carry on the real issue here is voice revenue (not Video and
bandwidth hogs) so carriers with large voice revenues can deter its
customers from using a competitor in favour of its own services. I do
not see a carrier saying that a user *must* use their mail servers (a
non revenue generating service) otherwise suffer degraded services. [not
a great example due to the non time sensitive nature of email]



> BellSouth wants new Net fees
> http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story.asp?guid=%7B02432D2D-1EE0-4037- 
> A15F-54B748D6CF26%7D&siteid=mktw&dist=
> By Frank Barnako, MarketWatch
> Last Update: 4:40 PM ET Jan. 16, 2006
> WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- BellSouth Corp. confirmed Monday that it  
> is pursuing discussions with Internet content companies to levy  
> charges to reliably and speedily deliver their content and services.
> Bill Smith, chief technology officer at BellSouth justified content  
> charging companies by saying they are using the telco's network  
> without paying for it.
> "Higher usage for broadband services drives more costs that we have  
> to recover," he said in a telephone interview.
>   He suggested that Apple Computer might be asked to pay a nickel or  
> a dime to insure the complete and rapid transmission of a song via  
> the Internet, which is being used for more and more 
> content-intensive  
> purposes. He cited Yahoo Inc.'s plans to stream reality TV shows as  
> an example.
> "It's the shipping business of the digital age," Smith said, arguing  
> that consumers should welcome the pay-for-delivery concept.
>   BellSouth has discussed its idea with MovieLink, a film-download  
> service. He called MovieLink an example of the kind of company that  
> wants customers to have a good experience and would view costs  
> incurred in the strengthening of BellSouth's Internet capacity as  
> worthwhile. Smith also said online game companies are likely  
> candidates for charges.
> Over the weekend, Internet entrepreneur and NBA team owner 
> Mark Cuban  
> wrote on his blog at BlogMaverick.com that such fees are critical to  
> the survival of the Internet. "Our ability to consume bandwidth is  
> growing far, far faster than the speed at which it is being added,"  
> he said. "The more bandwidth we consume, the more Internet traffic  
> jams we have."
> Cuban wants telephone and cable and wireless companies to work out a  
> way to deliver traffic at various levels of service quality. "Yes,  
> that will mean some content will cost more if we want it faster," he  
> conceded. "But that will be our choice."
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