[AusNOG] Telstra security contact number

Scott A. McIntyre scott at howyagoin.net
Sat Jan 23 12:59:33 EST 2021

On 23 January 2021, at 1235, Ross Marston wrote:

> Hi.
> Could anyone please point me to a live telephone contact number for 
> Telstra for security reporting please.  I have a client that has had 
> their mobile number ported ted to another SIM, and their bigpond email 
> taken over by a malicious third party, resulting in the bank accounts 
> being drained.
> We're addressing the bank and other concerns but are not able to 
> contact anyone in Telstra to remediate the issue.
> We have tried local Telstra shop (apparently Telstra internal systems 
> have been down all day) 132200, 132999, 12511, and a 03 number we 
> found on google search, all to no avail.
> A real person that could help urgently would be greatly appreciated.

Replied off list.

Scott A. McIntyre
Chief Security Specialist
Telstra Cyber Security
abuse @ AS1221 (etc)

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