[AusNOG] Tax Office investigation call scams from 0413 204 336

Noel Butler noel.butler at ausics.net
Wed Jan 13 11:21:41 EST 2021

Yep, they been doing this for ages on fixed line, which was great for a 
while, they started using a prefix thats not in use by the ACMA dial 
plan reqs, created a rule and sent them all to 07 3073 1614, our mate 
Lenny entertained them for a bit :)

On 13/01/2021 10:06, Matthew Matters wrote:

> Have you tried to call the numbers back? The latest bright idea is 
> spoofing numbers thst see not real numbers, when you try and call it 
> tells you the number is disconnected etc
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> On 13/01/2021 09:30, Darren Moss wrote:
>> Morning,
>> We're seeing multiple calls to clients and one to our office this 
>> morning claiming to be the Tax Office investigating suspended tax file 
>> numbers with federal court action pending.
>> The numbers are:
>> 0413 204 336
>> 0410 244 473
>> 0488 717 619
>> If any providers here own these, please terminate the services.
> They will be spoofed numbers coming in via some SIP service that allows 
> CLI overstamping, if they are active at all, the unsuspecting holders 
> will have no idea until they get lots of abuse return calls.

Noel Butler

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