[AusNOG] Swap Beer for Doubling/Tripling Included CVC

Narelle Clark narellec at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 10:51:09 EST 2020

On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 at 23:27, David Smith <davids at lbnco.com.au> wrote:
> If I look at a business application such as video conferencing, this seems to require
> somewhere between 10% (high quality) and 25% (high definition) of the bandwidth
> used to stream a HD netflix movie.  These figures are from the Skype bandwidth
> recommendations. I would suggest that a person working from home performing a
> video conference on their PC or laptop wouldn't require anything more than the high
> quality stream.  This should also hold true for students accessing an educational stream.

Hmm. We've got five adults in this household. Three are studying, two
work remotely, one teaches at a uni (people have multiple roles).
We've got lectures streaming in and soon out. We've got multiple
multiparty video conferences happening throughout the day. Maybe it's
only on average 30% more than the evening netflix/iview consumption,
but I note the neighbours are also doing it, and we have certainly an
increase in upload demand.

Then there's more people staying at home in the evenings watching
video, so that will push the streaming consumption up.

So yes, demand is up across the board. I'm sure a cursory check of
your throughput stats will tell you this.


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