[AusNOG] Swap Beer for Doubling/Tripling Included CVC

David Smith davids at lbnco.com.au
Mon Mar 16 23:26:30 EST 2020


I've seen this perceived issue pop up a few times in the media and now on
AusNOG.  I work for a wholesale open access network provider offering the
same service bundles as NBN. We typically see daytime usage during school
hours to be around 30% of the peak load.  There is a ramp up to around 50%
between 3pm and 5pm when the kids are home from school.

CVC entitlement is essentially a static value for any given 24 hour period
and ISPs aim to ensure sufficient capacity at peak times.

This means that there is already more than 50% available capacity during
business hours without changing anything at all.

If I look at a business application such as video conferencing, this seems
to require somewhere between 10% (high quality) and 25% (high definition)
of the bandwidth used to stream a HD netflix movie.  These figures are from
the Skype bandwidth recommendations. I would suggest that a person
working from home performing a video conference on their PC or laptop
wouldn't require anything more than the high quality stream.  This should
also hold true for students accessing an educational stream.

As with nightly peak usage (i.e. we don't have every subscriber utilising
their connection constantly), I would doubt that all the remote workforce
are spending 8 hours in video calls.  So, we could pretty much run with the
current unused daytime CVC could support a remote workforce that is 10x the
size of the average nightly user base.  I agree that there will be more
people concurrently accessing services during the day if the worst happens
and we all work from home, but will this be 10x the number consuming
internet content during the evening?

Interesting days ahead to be sure and I'm going to be affected by the new
load distribution so I'm quite keen to get input from the list.



On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 at 22:33, Bevan Slattery <bevan at slattery.net.au> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Asking for PM and NBN Co to double or triple allocated CVC for residential
> broadband bundles.  Encourage people to view, like, comment and reshare!
> So many families are going to be working from home while kids are being
> schooled at home!
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