[AusNOG] Microsoft bilateral peer issues via Megaport Melbourne

Philip Loenneker Philip.Loenneker at tasmanet.com.au
Thu Jun 4 12:13:54 EST 2020

Good morning everyone,

We became aware of issues this morning for clients on our network reaching some Azure workloads and Office365 services. Traffic was reaching the remote end of our bilateral peer with Microsoft over Megaport Melbourne, but we had connectivity issues reaching hops past that. We stopped sending and receiving routes via this peer (keeping the BGP peer up for testing purposes) and after a few minutes most services appeared to be back to normal, with the traffic currently preferring a path via NSW-IX.

Since then however, we're still having issues with Azure workloads in AU-SE region. We're seeing 42% error rate in initiating connections to some VMs.

I've logged a fault directly with Microsoft, and they are investigating, but I was wondering if anyone else is having similar issues that could help to isolate the cause. I can share the incident number with others experiencing problems if it is helpful.

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