[AusNOG] NANOG79, IPv6 and Megaport

Rob Thomas xrobau at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 19:57:08 EST 2020

I've been catching up on the talks at NANOG79, and, being the massive
IPv6 proponent that I am, I was interested to read the IPv6 adoption
paper by Susan Forney, from HE.


I was happy to see, and would like to just publicly give some Kudos to
Megaport who have made it painless, trivial, and *most importantly a
default!* to set up ipv6 peering, and it shows (page 15)

MegaSyd and MegaBne are among the top IPv6 IX's in the AP region, even
though they are 10% of the size of JPNAP, they have almost the same
IPv6 coverage (page 16).

Good work guys. Thanks!


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