[AusNOG] Telstra AS1221/4637 RPKI update

Tashi Phuntsho toebinoz at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 17:53:44 EST 2020

Great work Mark and team!

Looking forward to an uptake in roa creation (done correctly) because of
this and similar efforts by others.



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Hi all,

Just a quick update to our previous RPKI post in February.

Telstra *AS1221* have now completed implementation of RPKI ROV and are now
dropping Invalids from our upstream, peer and customer networks. Telstra
*AS4637* are also underway with their ROV roll-out.

It’s been great to see other networks on-list who’ve contributed to RPKI
adoption in the region. Also thank you to the various networks we reached
out to who were able to create ROA’s and/or help resolve ROA Invalid’s
(pesky max-length mismatches!)…still plenty of unknown prefixes that would
love to have ROA’s created for them though!

-Mark Duffell

Tashi Phuntsho
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