[AusNOG] G-Suite Admin gone rogue

Ian Manners admin at comkal.net
Mon Dec 7 14:52:33 EST 2020

Hi Alberto,

> Not really a Network questions but I hope someone could point me in the right direction.

> Small company is facing issues with their admin, is gone rogue and not sharing any password or account for their G-Suite / 
> Workspace

First I would engage with the rogue admin, this normally
happens due to a real or perceved problems due to financial
renumeration or other. To resolve an issue normally requires
communications with both parties, especially in IT.
Never take as accurate information from the one party
especially if they are not IT/network savy.

I was in a similiar situation over a decade ago and the
problem was solved with a phone call and a bill paid.
THEN ensuring both parties learnt to communicate, and
the small business kept upto date access records :)

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