[AusNOG] Large scale hit - Melbourne area?

Darren Geyer darren.geyer at itconsult.com.au
Tue Aug 11 16:47:51 EST 2020

We noticed it,

All Victorian sites.

Only Fixed line services with AAPT.

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Hi folks.

Long shot, I know, but did anyone see a large scale hit on traffic in
the Melbourne area around 16:00 today?

I have reports from numerous staff - both in our office and working
remote via VPN - of traffic loss across multiple ISP's.Probably 30-45
seconds outage.

I can't see anything in my logs - router adjacencies and routing are
stable and up long term, no logs of mass reconnects to VPN portals -
yet I'm now up to at least 30 reports from differing areas in
Melbourne (CBD and suburbs, not country area), all at the same time.

Anyone else see anything? I can't see a reason for it anywhere


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