[AusNOG] Foxtel v Opticomm

James Morgan jmorgan.au at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 17:49:23 EST 2020

Hi all,

Sorry for the noise on-list, but I'm seeing a lot of complaints in my area
for Foxtel TV customers who have their Foxtel RF delivered via the Opticomm
network who don't seem to be able to get anywhere after several weeks.  The
common theme is they are all missing channels from the subscription (not a
subscription lock - but apparently an RF issue).  They all get the same
run-around with STBs being replaced and tech appointments being booked and
then subsequently cancelled.  Clearly the issue is one between Foxtel and
Opticomm, but neither party wants to deal with the customers about it, and
since it's not strictly a data service they are having trouble with avenues
they are familiar with such as the TIO.

Is there anyone on-list from Foxtel and/or Opticomm who can intervene to be
able to save several customers a lot of needless running around to fix a
problem that is not their own?  I don't have Foxtel myself, so I don't have
a dog in this fight - but clearly this is something that does need to be
actioned.  The call center isn't going to be able to get to the bottom of
this one.

A side issue they are all finding is Foxtel won't do IQ4 connections via
the Opticomm network, which is interesting given a lot of them live in
estates where their Owners Corporations say they can't have sat-dishes...

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