[AusNOG] Anyone have any ancient Bay 5000/5399's lying around?

Matt Perkins matt at spectrum.com.au
Fri Sep 20 10:01:20 EST 2019

Ours all went to scrap years ago.  I wonder if I have a copy of the old 
tftp image that it loads off. Not sure I even remember the name for it.
PS. you have to much time on your hands.
PSS what are you going to use for an E1 as Asterisk and a zap card ?  I 
very much doubt v34 will make it through Asterisk intact  Fax barely 
does. Almost all trellis QAM modulated signals I think would fall on 
their ass your going to need something with a master clock like a real 


On 20/9/19 9:00 am, Rob Thomas wrote:
> I was reminiscing on derpbook, and realised that it would be a
> RIDICULOUSLY insane idea to try to recreate a 56k dialup ISP in 2020.
> So I'm going to do it.
> To further this plan, I'm hoping that someone has some old Bay
> 5000/5399's lying around that they paid megabucks for and are now
> worth less than nothing, that they want to donate to a good home.
> If one happens to be in Brisbane, that would be even better, because
> I'm heading down there for Comicon this weekend, and I could pick it
> up then!
> If not, maybe some old Cisco devices? Or whatever those TNT devices
> were? Something that takes a PRI in one end and makes modem sounds at
> it, basically.
> --Rob
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