[AusNOG] Strange issue, engin and IP address.

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Tue Sep 17 18:32:40 EST 2019

Hi All,
     I wonder if anyone from engin/vocus/exetel is able to shed some 
light on the following issue, help desk is not, well, helpful.;

I have a client with a static IP (exetel)  and an IP-PBX.  All has been 
working fine for months/nearly 2 years.  6 months ago, we had some 
attack issues and changed service IP address.

  * Suddenly today they started having issues calling in and out from PBX.
  * All checks on modem, port forwarding, and IP-PBX all check fine.
  * A call to engin support advised that the registration requests were
    coming in from the wrong IP address, the previously allocated
    address some 6 months ago, not the NEW IP.
  * I check the modem, reboot it, and sure enough, the correctly
    assigned NEW IP is being allocated, but still the OLD IP showing up
    "in the system" at engin.
  * My network monitoring, which takes IP from incoming packets, is
    showing the NEW IP, and has done so for 6 months.

If anyone is in the level 2 area for ether Exetel or engin/vocus who can 
shed any light or take a look it would be appreciated.   Client is 
loosing calls and hence business and I'm coping the flack.



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