[AusNOG] [*] RE: Building manager refuses entry to MDF

Caleb George Caleb at busdoc.com.au
Thu May 16 08:10:34 EST 2019

So far as I'm aware it is against ACMA regulations to deny access to a building "head" or MDF. The ownership of that MDF is not actually with the body corp or building, it is essentially a services space the same as the electrical distribution board and must be made accessible to registered cablers and carriers. That being said, they can cite regulation or code of entry, in which your contractor perhaps didn't meet or match based on OHS. You're going to struggle to get anything from the building re: recovered costs.

The fact that they only allow preferred cablers is not a good argument by them, so I'd probably chase that down.

Good luck and sorry to hear you're dealing with a problematic building manager, most of the time they are good!

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