[AusNOG] Building manager refuses entry to MDF

Evan Dent evan at evandent.com
Tue May 14 14:53:49 EST 2019

The flip side of all of this is that you let any Tom, Dick and Harry in,
how can the building manager vouch for who they are and what they are
doing. What happens if they do indeed break someone else's service.

I always contact an owner/building manager to seek access to a locked MDF
before booking any site visit to avoid just this and to comply with any
requests. I believe from the legal side of it, only the carrier would have
to be granted access. The person who came to do the jumpering is not the
carrier, therefore access does not have to be granted. Kinda sucks but just
suck eggs and call the manager/owner and seek for permission for a tech to
enter their property.

On Tue, May 14, 2019 at 2:13 PM Paul Wilkins <paulwilkins369 at gmail.com>

> No experience, but this doesn't sound right. The building manager's view
> and body corporate, presumably, is that the MDF is private property on
> private property. I think this is wrong headed. The function of the MDF is
> to provide a utility, and restricting access to supply looks like monopoly
> enforcement.
> Of course you can bill the body corporate, and see how they react.
> The people whose preserve this is is the ACCC. I'd write them (not call) a
> letter, who knows, they may take a view which they're prepared to enforce.
> Kind regards
> Paul Wilkins
> On Tue, 14 May 2019 at 13:42, Matt Perkins <matt at spectrum.com.au> wrote:
>> On a daily basses
>> and good luck getting anything back. It's there property. Move on and
>> welcome to the NBN.
>> Oh and my dry humor aside it's helpful to have a check list of things to
>> do before scheduling staff to attend site. We always contacts the building
>> manager and provide insurance make an appointment etc.  Just showing up is
>> bound to get them offside from the start.  This is their castle treating
>> them like the king helps.
>> Matt
>> On 14/5/19 1:35 pm, Alex Moorhouse wrote:
>> So I arranged for an MDF tech to do some jumpering after the NBN FTTB
>> tech completed their side. Should have been a 5 minute job, but the
>> building manager refused entry to our contracted tech and said we had to
>> use their preferred contractor. Now I am out of pocket for the first visit
>> and need to pay their contractor to visit again, not only wasting money but
>> also time and customer frustration.
>> Has anyone come across this before? I believe I should be able to invoice
>> the body corp for the first visit as I doubt it is legal for them to refuse
>> entry to the MDF. Anyone have some legal codes/links I can attach to my
>> email to them?
>> Thanks
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