[AusNOG] NBN as an end to end solution - Failure or, Success?

Tony Wicks tony at wicks.co.nz
Sat Jan 26 15:46:49 EST 2019

>NZ is a tiny country compared to Australia so doing Fiber throughout the country would of been a lot cheaper,

This is a very poor argument. NZ is way physically smaller so yes backhaul between cities takes more resource. However Australia has much bigger cities with bigger population densities. It also has bigger economy of scale to pay for the larger inter-city costs so the New Zealand could do it because its smaller is utter garbage.  The reason why the NBN is an utter joke compared to NZ's UFB is that in NZ the incumbent telco was forced to split into a regulated infrastructure company and a retail company that competes on a level playing field. Also, in several city's the power company was given the contract to be the local fibre company thus forcing the incumbent split. In Australia from what I can tell the NBN was done while doing everything to protect Telstra shareholder value. This means there are so many players with their hand in the till at every stage of NBN that there was nothing left to provide the fibre solution that Australia is eventually going to have to build anyway. I don't understand why people keep using this NZ is smaller argument, Sydney alone has 80% the population of NZ, so why can't Sydney (or Melbourne etc) have a network as good as NZ towns with 20k residents who are getting fibre? Most of the cost of the fibre rollout is the home installation and that is the same in Australia as New Zealand (an Australian company (Visionstream) actually does much of it!), the part that is affected by the physical size of Australia is the inter-metro links that only constitute a small component of the overall cost. It's just the corruption and lack of balls on the part of the politicians who refused to risk their Telstra shareholdings.

Shall I mention that unlimited 1G/500M in NZ can be had for about $93AUD, even in small towns.

Anyway, back to my 1G/500M gpon home connection, life is good..... 😊

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