[AusNOG] NBN as an end to end solution - Failure or, Success?

Chad Kelly chad at cpkws.com.au
Sat Jan 26 14:24:46 EST 2019

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> NBN ws a classic case of a race horse designed by a committee (you get a 3
> legged camel) and noses in the trough. It?s now here and a growing a number
> of customers are resisting moving across but under the rules once in an area
> you have X months to migrate ? end of story so a new monopoly. To eventually

This isn't the case at all, plenty of none NBN providers around the 
place offering Internet connectivity.

You just need to pay for it to be installed, same goes for FTTP if you 
want it, you can have it for around $700 per month plus installation costs.

Sometimes cheaper then that depending on ware you are in Australia.

Many providers sell Fiber connectivity from Telstra Wholesale who have 
coverage across large areas of the country it is just expensive.

But if you have the money it isn't an issue, same goes for NBN, if you 
pay them you can have Fiber.

NZ is a tiny country compared to Australia so doing Fiber throughout the 
country would of been a lot cheaper,

Regards Chad.

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