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> >From the discussion this behaviour does NOT just happen at AUSNOG.  It is still happening at other industry events (PTC/ITW etc.) and usually when alcohol and a sense of power is involved.  It?s really simple.  If you can?t control yourself when drinking, don?t drink.  But I?ve had enough of arming my female staff with tactics on how to manage the inappropriate behaviour of others only to find out this stuff still continues.  If this has happened to you by my staff, the same applies.
> I am going to write letters to the CEO?s of every company whose team members sexually harassed/assaulted my staff and notify them they have either bad actors or a bad culture.  I?m not naming names this time around, just arming them with the knowledge their organisation has had a problem in the past and needs to re-educate some of their staff around appropriate behaviour.  Moving forward I will be naming names to the CEO?s.
You should dump the provider / vendor if they are a customer as well.
Writing letters now a days really doesn't go far enough as some CEO's 
just don't care about anything but making money.
Australian universities really have a lot to answer for as well the 
drinking and overall culture at some of them is woeful   to put it 
Some universities are doing well at changing the culture though which is 
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