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On Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 7:06 PM Peter Tonoli <peter at metaverse.org> wrote:

> I’m interested to know how this analysis can even be attempted? There are
> no parameters or limitations with what can be requested under the
> unprecedented voluntary notice provisions: how long is a ball of string?
Let's just say that as with any analysis, one states one's assumptions, the
bounds of the calculations and plugs in the numbers.

For example, if a capability is required that means n devices need x amount
of handling above and beyond the normal shipping and handling processes
that costs $y. If software development is involved then there are steps
that need to be undertaken: scoping, designing, coding, loading, testing,
integration with any law enforcement management system... at an hourly rate
and estimates of all this, we arrive at a level of cost. If you need to
ensure security clearance for all the staff involved in this development,
then there will be additional costs.

Indeed, it is difficult to forecast these costs so that they can be
estimated appropriately and managed as part of routine operations, but if
this is a requirement of government, then 'designated communications
providers' have a duty to comply.

I'm not arguing for the case, I'm simply saying there are costs involved
with compliance that would be borne by industry should this become law.
This cost could potentially put our industry at a disadvantage to foreign
providers. Just when we see that IoT, for example, has a significant
potential to grow our economy.

Given the deafening silence I got on my previous email about 'how do people
do their data retention', I suspect there are a significant number of
providers out there that aren't particularly compliant with existing




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