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I can see the benefit of having someone else take the call. I can remember my days as an on call engineer years ago where I would get a phone call from  the NOC in the middle of the night, I would need to keep a pen and paper by the bed to write down basic details, as in my just woken state, I would forget whatever I was told 2 seconds later.

You don’t want end customers talking to someone who just woke up seconds ago, as they won't be in a state to properly take down details and provide a mechanism to follow up (ticket numbers etc)

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> I'm looking for a company to take on our level 1 support, after hours.
> 10pm - 8am AEST
> 7 days a week, including public holidays.
> Would prefer a local Australian company, but will consider 
> International too.
> Require a team of sorts, that handles other companies too as it's not 
> financially viable to have a team dedicated to us as the volume of 
> calls is bugger all.
> We'll just redirect the 1300 number to you during those times, a 
> simple greeting, take down notes and urgency, check the on-call 
> calendar and call the Engineer to action.
> Basically, I need you to wake up the Engineer on call:)
Frankly if this is all you need a decent phone system will do this without you needing to hire an outsourcing company.
Most decent PBX systems will redirect to a mobile after hours or better yet straight to an answering machine that will email a voicemail message to an engineer.
That way they can decide if the message is important enough to bother doing anything about, and frankly if you offer an on call service you should be charging enough that it deters  unwanted callers from ringing you in the middle of the night anyway.
This is why we don't advertise 24/7 support as idiots randomly spam the ticket system with rubbish which you then need to delete anyway.
We offer support for critical issues on weekends for existing customers only.
Your PBX also should have a decent blacklist function for telemarketers.

Regards Chad.

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