[AusNOG] DNS problems resolving sync.deakin.edu.au

John Mann john at mannfamily.org
Wed Nov 28 15:43:03 EST 2018


Deakin University recently dual-stacked their Akamai cache for
sync.deakin.edu.au .

Since them, some students using a couple of ISPs can't resolve the DNS name.
For example:
> nslookup sync.deakin.edu.au
Server:  belong.gateway

*** belong.gateway can't find sync.deakin.edu.au: Non-existent domain
"blogs.deakin.edu.au" is setup similarly to "sync.deakin.edu.au" but that
does work.

If the user changes their DNS server to or then they do get

Problematic ISPs include:
   Aussie Broadband
I've tried the frontline technical support numbers, but didn't make much

Does anyone know how/why this DNS problems would be happening?

Can some technical support people from ABB and Belong please contact me?

     John Mann
     0419 568 470
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