[AusNOG] Looking at Juniper core switches

Rhys Hanrahan rhys at nexusone.com.au
Mon Nov 5 13:52:52 EST 2018

Hi All,

Just wanted to see if anyone has any experience or recommendations on some core switches. We’re looking at upgrading our core switches in Sydney and right now I’m looking at Juniper models. Right now, we need a model with at least 40x 10/1 Gbps ports, and the ability to do Virtual Chassis, MC-LAG and CoS queueing per port. We’re currently using Juniper EX4500s.

At the moment I am looking primarily at: Junper’s QFX 5100-48S as our replacement. From everything I’ve seen this looks like a solid option to go with and gives us a path to add more functionality to our core network over time. If anyone has any feedback on this particular model I’d be really keen to hear it. In particular I’m interested in:

  *   48x 10/1Gbps + 6x 40 Gbps QSFP ports.
  *   Virtual chassis via QSFP ports, enabling MC-LAG to our top of rack switches.
  *   Looks to have full CoS support.

So unless there’s any major caveats this is probably what we’ll go with. In terms of future feature use this seems to cover us as it appears to have:

  *   Pretty much full MPLS support (I’m relatively green with MPLS but we likely want to move to an MPLS core in the future, and this looks to support everything we’d potentially want). Except perhaps BFD for MPLS.

  *   Full VXLAN Support – another feature we would probably leverage if we went to a full MPLS core, with spine-leaf configuration.

  *   I plan to get rid of virtual chassis eventually and go all layer 3/MPLS instead.

As far as I understand for VXLAN rollouts, you need VXLAN on the top of rack switches to act as VTEPs. So for a second phase of upgrades, we would likely be looking at QFX5100-48S for all our top of rack switches, and these core QFXs would be swapped with dual QFX 5100-24Qs

Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.


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