[AusNOG] Fibre Cut in Sydney - Vocus

Chad Kelly chad at cpkws.com.au
Thu Mar 22 13:54:24 EST 2018

On 3/22/2018 1:30 PM, David Trad wrote:

> You do realize that Vocus have no control over companies with side 
> boarers right? Its that company obligation to do dial before you dig.
> And you do realize that Vocus was still operational with their diverse 
> links right?
> Also you know that Vocus was not they only one to suffer from that cut 
> right? SCCN and other carriers did as well.
> I don't think it be fair to target them on this occasion.
Yes I know what you mean it only seams to have impacted a small part of 
the network anyway.
Plus it is up to individual providers to have redundancy as well.

Regards Chad.

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