[AusNOG] $300 NBN Connection Fee for FTTP?

Nathan Brookfield Nathan.Brookfield at simtronic.com.au
Mon Mar 19 23:04:17 EST 2018

The thing is. It’s a new development charge so it’s absolutely no different to paying Telstra $299 for a new line installation when you move into a premises with no active phone line.

It’s for a property that has been built and has a lead in, they’re just connecting the first service at the new address.

Why all the whinging? Had to be paid whether to Telstra or NBN, no difference except you’re getting an FTTP service.

Nathan Brookfield
Chief Executive Officer

Simtronic Technologies Pty Ltd

On 19 Mar 2018, at 22:58, Jason Leschnik <jason at leschnik.me<mailto:jason at leschnik.me>> wrote:

So George, make sure that fee gets paid as it makes the NBN look $300
cheaper than it actually is.

The whole NBN debate has always confused me. Without offsetting the cost how would either Government have afforded the NBN? The bill shock from $300 NDF is annoying to say the least but I've spent >$300 on some pretty stupid things in my life and I'm sure there are others who would've paid a lot more than $300 to get FTTP/FTTN.

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