[AusNOG] Mikrotik routers in HA environments

andrew khoo andrew.khoo at as136019.net
Tue Jun 26 12:03:18 EST 2018

we have deployed Mikrotiks in the field as PPPoE and LNS
termination devices. they have been reliable for us.

however, we only use them for single purpose. no MPLS. no OSPF.
no BGP. simple default routes.

i have seen people deploy them running all sort of functionality
etc and anecdoctally those tend to melt down more often.

if you do go down this path, note that the CCR1036s are single
PSU. the CCR1072 would be the more ideal choice (If loaded), but
then you are close enough in the ballpark to the lower-end of the
more established router purveyors.

On June 26, 2018 at 11:57 AM, Darren Moss
(Darren.Moss at cloud365.com.au) wrote:

Hi All,

We are about to deploy a new location, which we normally do with
our SOE around Cisco router kit (2 of them for redundancy).

I was talking with another DC customer and they swear by Mikrotik
router gear over Cisco.

I’ve played with Mikrotik in a domestic/home fibre connection
scenario, but not in a DC environment.

What’s the consensus from others?

Can a pair of Mikrotik routers be configured for a *reliable* HA
scenario ?

Happy to chat offlist or share if this is of interest to others.


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