[AusNOG] Business customer smashing their "unlimited" MBE 20/20Mbps internet service

Jacob Bisby ausnog at jdmnet.com.au
Thu Sep 28 20:58:27 EST 2017

My experience with similar situations is that a talk to the customer will
often resolve issues. One example is we had a customer smashing 100% upload
(40mbit) on their NBN tail in business hours that was having some negative
effects on other customers - for example most here would know that AAPT NWB
aggregation bandwidth, even as the seemingly cheapest option these days,
still isn't particularly cheap per mbit at low volumes, so it can really
bite into the margins of small ISP's if you happen to pick up a lot of heavy
users with relatively few low-utilisation services to 'offset' the cost of
supplying the high utilisation ones.

In this particular scenario, I ended up just having a friendly discussion
with the client's MSP, turns out that they were doing rather large offsite
backups and the client was happy to reschedule them to another time of day -
good outcome for us and them.

When it comes to products where you're not paying some exorbitant
aggregation/CVC per mbit cost though, unlimited should be fair game unless
it's facilitating an illegal activity or being done with malicious intent
toward the network. Transit & peering are "cheap enough" even at low-ish
volumes that I can't really fathom a lack of transit being an excuse to pull
fair-use on a business. If you are having transit problems with just one
20mbit tail being fully utilised, it might be time to genuinely consider
just reselling the 'transit-bundled' version of the services until you have
the volume of sales to justify bringing in services to your own network on
Layer 2. 


That being said, I can appreciate we all have our own unique scenarios to
deal with and that the above is idealistic at best. that's half the fun of
the job :) .


*	Jacob 


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20/20Mbps internet service


It's an IPLine though so it's using AAPT's bandwidth for the Transit, if
they don't mention it then you're sweet and if they do, well you'd want to
hope your T&C's match AAPT's haha.


PS if anyone is getting close to 400Mbps on a Fibre400 then you're doing
bloody well!



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>> Can't say I've ever heard the words "fair use" and "business grade" being
applied to the same service before


Straight from AAPT frontier when ordering a Fibre400 Layer3 Internet



Customer says their usage is to be expected, they are replicating to an
overseas data centre - oh well. Looks like we just suck it up...




On Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 2:15 PM, David Hughes <david at hughes.com.au
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Can't say I've ever heard the words "fair use" and "business grade" being
applied to the same service before. If you're selling it as an open 20meg
pipe then that's what I'd expect to be getting if I was the client.


> On 28 Sep 2017, at 1:20 pm, James Cunningham <jjazza26 at gmail.com
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> Hello Ausnog,
> We have a customer who we are providing a 20Mbps AAPT Wholesale, MBE
e-line service for, and we have given them the service with Unlimited
Internet data - but subject to fair use.
> The customer is smashing the service, 100% of the time, running it at at
the full 19-20Mbps, 24/7, every single day, including weekends. This is
resulting in 5-6TB of internet data that they are transferring through us,
and our IP transit upstream, which is obviously costing us a fair chunk in
IP transit costs.
> We haven't said anything to the customer, but I'm curious to see what
other people would consider "fair use" of an business grade, unlimited
Internet service.
> We already peer with Megaport and IX-Australia so we try to minimise our
IP transit costs as much as possible, but this traffic is going directly
Telstra, and we are loosing out on this particular customer. Do we just suck
it up, or would you increase the customers monthly fee, throttle them, etc?
> Thoughts here would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> James
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