[AusNOG] Recovering "disconnected" POTS number??

Matthew Solly matt at mtt.me
Tue Nov 28 23:16:05 EST 2017

The number can absolutely be retrieved and reactivated, you just need to speak with someone that knows how to do it. It’s unlikely that the number is “gone” - unless it’s been ported out, it can almost certainly be reactivated.

The only hiccup you may run in to is that when reconnecting the service, the lessee account details provided to Telstra Wholesale must be identical to the previous lessee (i.e, the lessee of the service that was disconnected). 

Given this is caused by managed disconnection there are a few steps:

1. The retail provider needs to escalate with Telstra Wholesale using the contacts they already have and provide evidence the address is not serviceable for NBN (if indeed it is not). This is probably the most time consuming bit, but you can always go down the CDNO route if getting the number back urgently is required. 

2. If it is verified that NBN is not available, Telstra Wholesale will make the address available for copper orders in LOLO. The retail provider just needs to lodge a “New Service” order in LOLO and add the “Assessment required -> Specific CSN” product. 

3. Alternately if you don’t want to resurrect this as a landline again or the address is serviceable for NBN, you can reconnect the number as a CDNO (exchange based redirect). The process is pretty much identical to ordering a new copper service, and again the provider just needs to add the “Assessment Required -> Specific CSN” product in LOLO when ordering the CDNO. Once activated you can port the number out to any other provider of your choice. 

> On 28 Nov 2017, at 14:26, Ross Wheeler <ausnog at rossw.net> wrote:
> Just had a call from an old ISP friend.
> He has a quite upset customer of 20 odd years who has (reason not currently known) had their business telephone disconnected this morning.
> I was not disconnected for non-payment, I get the impression it's something to do with nbn. The cause is largely unimportant...
> They've been on to telstra to try to at least have the number diverted to a mobile - but the word just back is that because it's been "disconnected" they can't (won't?) do it.
> I dare say we can't port it out either.
> Nobody I've been able to talk to has had any idea how to recover the number. My guess is it is now in some embargo state before going "up for grabs". Problem is that it's a family business that's been going forever, the number is well known in their area - advertising, cards, white and yellow pages, peoples phones, etc.  They'd REALLY like to get it back.
> I can't believe it isn't possible, so obviously it's a case of talking to the right people to make it happen. I don't know who "the right people" might be, or what magic incantations might need to be uttered. Are any of the good people here able to offer some meaningful advice?
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> R.
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