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Paul Wilkins paulwilkins369 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 13:22:22 EST 2016

Dan Tehan's press club speech today was more than a little surprising.
Presenting the TSSR bill as a "gold standard" for cyber security is both
hubris and dangerous. It's all very well for the government to offer these
blandishments, and somewhere down the track Tehan will have to take the rap
for getting it so wrong. But the damage of presenting the government as on
top of the problem means delaying necessary fundamental structural change.

What the government is offering is more of the same, blandishments that the
government and security apparatus are resourced and adequate to the task,
and dangerous denial of the extent of the problem.

Fundamentally, with state agents self funding their cyber crime efforts as
part of their business model, and the basic open nature of the internet
architecture, means the internet can never be made secure. Suggesting more
of the same will fix the problem unfortunately means we're in for more of
the same and worse. Initiatives such as the TSSR are just picking around
the edges of the problem. What is actually required is a rethink of the
internet architecture, built on a network layer that is end to end secure.
This is not happening while government perpetuates the delusion that the
internet's security architecture isn't fundamentally broken.

Kind regards

Paul Wilkins
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