[AusNOG] Spamming scum...

Ross Wheeler ausnog at rossw.net
Fri Nov 18 11:15:54 EST 2016

Don't know who they are, or what makes them think SPAM is acceptable, or 
why on gods earth they think sending me 5 bloody copies of their junk was 
a good idea...

You might like to put a quick blacklist in for:

    From: Benedicte Muller <bem at ssipacific.com>

    SSI Pacific Pty Ltd
    708/530 Little Collins St Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia
    M: +61 439 416 498   E: bem at ssipacific.com

Some unwanted piffle about data retention or something, no doubt wanting 
to sell something.

Hope they rot in hell. There's never an excuse for this behavior.

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