[AusNOG] AAPT Trunk via Pipe fibre

Mike O'Connor mike at pineview.net
Wed Mar 2 21:51:50 EST 2016

On 2/03/2016 4:34 pm, paul+ausnog at oxygennetworks.com.au wrote:
> Hi All, we are currently in a PIPE suite in Globalswitch DC and need 
> to light up a connection to AAPT for some services, considering that 
> AAPT and Pipe are under the same umbrella I was thinking that we 
> should be able to avoid high cross connect costs to the MMR and 
> connect through the Pipe fibre network within the suite to get to AAPT 
> for a reasonably low cost.
> Upon talking to our AAPT AM we just can’t get any traction on this 
> option, he doesn’t seem to think it’s possible but really can’t tell.
Hi Paul

I'm having the similar issues, moving a link which was with PIPE between 
Adelaide and NSW. AAPT insist that they must handle it and that I have 
to have a fibre link (last was a copper at the Adelaide end) router at 
each end.

They seem very inflexible and have taken close to 3 month to get no where.


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