[AusNOG] AAPT Trunk via Pipe fibre

paul+ausnog at oxygennetworks.com.au paul+ausnog at oxygennetworks.com.au
Wed Mar 2 17:04:42 EST 2016

Hi All, we are currently in a PIPE suite in Globalswitch DC and need to light up a connection to AAPT for some services, considering that AAPT and Pipe are under the same umbrella I was thinking that we should be able to avoid high cross connect costs to the MMR and connect through the Pipe fibre network within the suite to get to AAPT for a reasonably low cost.
Upon talking to our AAPT AM we just can't get any traction on this option, he doesn't seem to think it's possible but really can't tell.
Has anybody connected in this way via Pipe to get to AAPT and can offer some suggestions on how to make it happen ?
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