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Tue Jul 19 20:12:17 EST 2016

> I have a bit of a tricky one. I have a client who has their DNS hosted with Route 53. The client has changed a few IT providers they don't know which account was setup (seems that it wasn't a generic admin@)
> Is anyone able to point me to someone or something that might be able to get me access to their DNS to make some adjustments?

There are two types of users that can log into your AWS Account:
Root Credentials - the Amazon account that signed up for the account
IAM Users - Users set up from your AWS directory which may or may not hang off another (AD or otherwise) directory

It sounds like you haven’t had any luck with the former.
If your provider was following best practices, you should have some credentials for the latter.

IAM logins are pretty easy to find in email, because you usually want to use a vanity URL to access them:
https://VANITYNAME.signin.aws.amazon.com/console <https://vanityname.signin.aws.amazon.com/console>

So searching emails for “signin.aws.amazon.com” might help dig up the IAM account.
Assuming the account was registered to your company, you can reach out to AWS for assistance.

If you’ve had multiple providers, it’s worth bearing in mind that multiple AWS accounts can host the same zone.
Only when the name servers in the Route53 control panel match the ones set on the registrar will you be confident you’ve got the right account.

Obviously if you’ve registered the domain through amazon you’ll see this under “Registered Domains” in Route53.

Hope this helps :)

Will Dowling

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