[AusNOG] 4G LTE bridges

Jay Dixon jaybobo at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 16:28:05 EST 2016

Thanks James - those devices fit the bill for what i was after, was hoping
to get something which supported those extra bands as a few of our
locations are in some borderline areas for various frequency coverage.
particularly the Teltonika unit as it supports the Optus bands as well so
gives me options on carrier too.

Kai - the static IP address thing hasn't been an issue for my specific
deployments, the 4G gateways will always be at 'remote sites' so they will
always be the end that initiates the VPN back to our DCs.
I'm planning to have them serve purely as a backup connection to a
land-line service for small warehouses which are typically in locations not
very well serviced by fibre/copper, the costs to get fully diverse paths
into these locations are a bit prohibitive but the 4G alternative gives
more than enough 'diversity' for our service level requirements.

On Tue, Jul 12, 2016 at 1:39 PM, James McMillan <JMcMillan at rivalea.com.au>

> Hi Kai,
> I know you directed this at Jay, but I figured I may be able to help a bit.
> We've got an MPLS network setup, and use the Telstra.corp APN for quite a
> few of our 4G/3G endpoints, that means we can push our own internal static
> IP addresses down to the devices, which works quite well for us.
> Alternatively, if you're using telstra.extranet to get a public dynamic IP
> address, you should be quite easily able to setup a site to site VPN
> originating from the dynamic device and terminating on the static IP back
> in the DC or your head office.
> You shouldn’t need anything too special for a basic site to site VPN.
> James
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> Hi Jay,
> I am in Broome, we have four remote offices 200 k's away whose only
> affordable available connectivity is mobile cell data.
> Telstra have told me they don't allow static IP on the general mobile
> network.
> Sat is availlable in these areas but mobile cell data is much more
> reliable, especially during wet season when the Sat can be down for days.
> Telstra are keen to get us on the NPLS, but it's not cheap.
> I recently installed a 16 element yagi at one of the remote sites, signal
> is great since installation, we use Telstra extranet APN but still can't
> get static and don't have any special routing hardware at head office to
> work the required magic with dynamic remote IP addresses.
> What's your general experience with devices suggested so far?
> Cheers
> Kai
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