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Giles Pollock glp71s at gmail.com
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The closest would be graduate programs offered by many businesses. These
generally aren't in IT disciplines, and when they are, they tend to rarely
be in network operations (usually they're generalist at best, with a focus
on degrees and turning IT graduates into more project managers, BAs or

Good grad programs are wonderful for getting started if you only have
limited practical experience, but can leave you unstuck at the end should
the graduate role not progress into an actual full time professional role.
You end up in a no-mans land with insufficient experience to land a proper
role, but too much experience and distance from being a graduate to be
considered for any graduate roles.

I can't disagree when it comes to the quality of tertiary education, back
when I was finishing uni about six to eight years ago, anyone who believed
the actual teaching alone would have thought the be-all and end-all of IT
systems was library management, with networks and telecomms being someone
elses problem (maybe electrical engineering rather than IT). They had very
little in the way of foresight as to what the future held.

What I learnt of networks I learnt through doing alongside people who knew
a heck of a lot more than me about networks. I know I still have plenty to
learn (and always will), but by far the best way to learn was from those
around me with the experience to answer the "Why?" questions properly. By
the end of my time with the people I worked with I could handle plenty of
situations that people who were supposedly certified could not even figure
out where to start with.

Were I in the position of needing to hire people in the future, I'd be
looking for those who can learn, adapt and use their knowledge, rather than
someone who has papers, or can parrot back the contents of a book with no
real understanding of the material.

On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 4:20 PM, Margrison, Jennifer <
Jennifer.Margrison at humanservices.gov.au> wrote:

> Hi All,
>        The Australian Government has had  IT apprentices for some years as
> well as structured graduate entry programs.   A quick google suggests
> there's not much like  it in the private sector though, again perhaps
> because of no industry association interest - the ACS  seems to be fairly
> fixated on degrees.
> http://www.australia.gov.au/topics/employment-and-workplace/australian-government-jobs/ict-entry-level-programs
> Sorry,I have no control over what disclaimer is added to this email.
> Jenny
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