[AusNOG] Sysadmin opportunities in Melbourne?

Paul Wallace paul.wallace at mtgi.com.au
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The min wage here is $16.88 per hour (unless it's gone up again in the meantime).

The point we were talking about is youth unemployment Giles

Employers are not provided with any incentives to employ, uneducated inexperienced kids (even though they'd like to) 18 year olds when the min wage is $40k per annum (once you add super, leave loading, sick pay, public holidays, 4 weeks holidays, paid carers leave & other entitlements in)

something needs to change & unfortunately the current Gov doesn't have any appetite for IR reform.


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Minimum wage in Australia for tech jobs? Last time I checked the contractor rates for a service desk analyst were A$12.50 (if you were lucky)... Yes, you can get more working on a checkout (assuming they have not been replaced with self-checkouts)

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The unseen consequences of minimum wage laws are the millions of poor, disadvantaged people who don't have job opportunities. In the United States, it hurts poor people and inner-city minorities<http://townhall.com/columnists/walterewilliams/2011/05/11/minimum_wages_discriminatory_effects>. In Australia, it hurts young workers<http://www.smh.com.au/business/young-workers-hit-by-rising-unemployment-20120124-1qevx.html>.
Australia is an example of how minimum wage helps some groups, and hurts others. Even in a good economy, the young, inexperienced workers are left out.

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Kids find it hard to get jobs today because Australia enforces a min wage of double that in the USA.

it's as simple as that!

And now Tony Abbott is too scared to look at HR reform for fear the Labour party will scream "Work Choices" again!

Minimum wage in San Francisco - US$11.05, or around A$13.63

Minimum wage in Sydney - A$16.87 (for someone over 21).

Higher?  Yes.  Double?  Not even close.

Yes, other parts of the US may be lower, but the movement is towards increasing to sane levels, not reducing them.


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