[AusNOG] Cable length limits?

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>From a laws of physics point of view it makes sense. As temperature of
a conductor increases so does its resistance. As to what effect that
translates into in the real world with regards to network cabeling im
not to sure.


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Hi all,

I'm working on a project involving a new facility being built in
Townsville.  A consultant on the project mentioned to me today that he
had heard some discussions which suggested that the maximum distance of
90m on a Cat5e/Cat6 run applies to environments where the ambient
temperature is around 20 degrees, and that higher temperatures can
actually require lower length limits.

Can anyone confirm or deny, and/or point to some relevant references?
Google seems to have some relevant hits, but discerning the wheat from
the chaff is tricky - many of the first few hits for the searches I did
were from companies trying to sell higher grade cabling.

Thanks in advance,

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