[AusNOG] Transparent Caching For Residential ISPs

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Couldn't agree more. We looked at upgrading a clients Peer App about 4 months back but the cost of the license and additional 12TB storage just couldn't compete with the reduction of international bandwidth costs.

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I used transparent caching for many years, but dropped it some 4 years ago. Back in the day it was giving us 30%+ bandwidth savings, but HTTP was most of our traffic. These days it is a much lower percentage with SSL, VPN's & P2P taking up a big share. The additional support load was a pain too with the odd website just not liking the cache and having to be bypassed.

With the transit being so much cheaper then it once was I can't see the need anymore. Happy to be corrected and might even put one back in if things have changed?

Mikrotik can easily redirect traffic to a proxy & even proxy it itself or use WCCP.

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>- Worth it?
>- What percentage of your traffic comes off the cache?
>- What solution are you using? Interested in both commercial and open solutions.
>- Any other thoughts or comments

Am interested to hear any responses also

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