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Mike Taylor mtaylor at totalteam.co.nz
Mon Aug 11 13:14:23 EST 2014

I was going to say;

With IPv6 - you allocate a prefix, not an IP address, so perhaps 'Your
argument is invalid' might apply in that situation?

(not you Mark, the lawmakers)


On 11/08/14 13:49, Mark Newton wrote:
> On Aug 11, 2014, at 11:34 AM, Beeson, Ayden <ABeeson at csu.edu.au
> <mailto:ABeeson at csu.edu.au>> wrote:
>> +1 this. Though they deny it, the user -> IP listing is the ONLY
>> thing they don't have to start directly harassing people for
>> Copyright infringement notices sent from the US media companies.
> Notwithstanding that they can never get a "user->IP" mapping, they can
> only get a subscriber->IP mapping.
> This is something they know, having had their arses caned over it
> repeatedly in US courts, and having had the full bench of the High
> Court in Australia kick them in the face about it in AFACT v iiNet (so
> hard they had to change their name to recover their reputation.
> "AFACT? Who, us? We don't know any AFACT...")
> It's possible to pay someone to continue to believe things they know
> to be untrue, and that's what we have with the copyright industry and
> our A-D, and so here we are. The fact that they earn their money by
> being professionally wrong doesn't mean anyone else has to provide
> them with the benefit of any credibility.
> Who here is making submissions to the copyright consultation that
> closes on 1 Sep?
>   - mark
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