[AusNOG] l2tpns

Tim Warnock timoid at timoid.org
Sun Aug 10 20:10:41 EST 2014

> We paired
> this with Radius based authentication and L2TP multi-hop for "branded" 3G
> terminations to various clusters.
> Finally, we wrote a number of plugins which have been contributed back in
> my Git commit from 2010:
> http://sourceforge.net/p/l2tpns/git/ci/3ce8267eb86eb63decf101aeaa1d542
> 85d5ca762/
> I can't say it's actively maintained anymore (and there is some tweaking
> required on modern platforms like CentOS6) but it is rock solid, stable and
> proudly Australian made :).
> Good luck!
> Stuart

It's a pity the multihop part was never made open source. I also had some L2TPNS patches for better IPv6 support and spitting out RTG style accounting but I can't find them anymore.

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