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Joshua D'Alton joshua at railgun.com.au
Wed Aug 6 15:17:19 EST 2014

There is no such thing as terrorism, in Australia, USA NZ UK or any western
country. There hasn't isn't and never will be (not due to patriot act
mind..). It doesn't exist.

I don't know what Malaysian flights, boston marathon, UK bombing, S11, etc
etc are, but they are either isolated acts of violence, or if you want to
call them terrorism then you'd have to call the aggressors the governments
of USA and UK etc, as no other parties benefit(ed) in such a way you can
actually call it terrorism.

If you want a look at real terrorism jump over to Ukraine where USA-backed
neo-nazis are terrorizing the people to reduce their allegiance to Russia,
or Palestine where it'd be hard to call any Palestinian or Israeli action
terrorism since really it is a war, but...  or south american nations being
financially terrorized by the west/USA, their farmland if not whole
economies effectively held to ransom so that gas guzzling soccer mums can
drive to the store and buy asparagus at 50cents/bunch with most of the
bunch going in the bin.... I could go on.

Going back to the point, all of the 'close' incidents of 'terrorism' have
not been thwarted by the patriot act or any sort of surveillance or spying
or anything, instead purely by some basic policing, in airports or
wherever, and since there are no actual organised terrorism activities,
catching these single violent individuals is not hard (and never has been,
called basic policework..).

Anyway, this doesn't need to be political and not saying Labour would do
any better at this particular issue, and I know that we have (for the most
part) profitable businesses to run, but maybe people could consider not
passing the buck onto future generations for a few percentage points now!

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 1:35 PM, Chris Macko <cmacko at intervolve.com.au>

>  I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts on how exactly data retention
> will combat terrorism *within Australia (being the key point)*? Or are we
> doing this to combat terrorism outside of Australia? If that's the case, it
> shouldn't be our problem.

And with saying that:

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 11:33 AM, Jonathan Thorpe <jthorpe at conexim.com.au>

> We should be very concerned about the storage of this sort of data and
> where it could end up. It's a huge treasure trove of information waiting to
> be compromised. It's a massive target with substantial unrecoverable costs,
> so people aren't going to want to go out of their way to provide extreme
> measures of security around it.

Yea I'm not really concerned if US/AU governments know information they
either already have, or have already scraped from Facebook et al,  and I do
know that privacy is something to be valued, but I wouldn't bother fighting
something that I've actually already given away, instead I'd be more
concerned about things like the effective banning of any form of
protesting.. THAT is more 1984-ish worry than even some non-scrupulous
chinese group getting ahold of my buying preferences..

And IF I WERE up to something dodgy/illegal, well I'd already be smart
enough to be using tools to avoid getting caught (or at least mitigate the
risk), and I'd be constantly checking on the security of such tools, such
that regardless of this topic, I'd still be safe (whether that means
dropping an AU provided VPN, or not...). Point is, its not so much "if
you've got nothing to hide"..., its more, yes I have things I want to keep
PRIVATE, but when it comes to "the system" knowing things about me that I'd
rather not have out in the open but at the end of the day I'm not concerned
because EVERYONES shit would be out in the open... yea not concerned.

I have a feeling an AusNOG meet could be used to engage a forum on this
topic and generate an industry response, but it doesn't have to be up to
just AusNOG, there are other groups and organisations "doing things" about
"the internets",   but frankly as long as Telstra and co hold the bag when
it comes to money in the bank, history, legal power, etc, I'd think we're
probably all doomed even if every single AusNOG company petitioned the
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