[AusNOG] (Meta-)Data Retention

Terry Sweetser (SkyMesh CTO) terry+AusNOG at skymesh.net.au
Wed Aug 6 15:15:03 EST 2014

However, if they have a suspect, they (ASIO/AFP/QPS/etc) can request 
interception right now of any carrier.

If you don't have it handy, go ask your CRO or equivalent for a copy of 
your ICP.  Members of the press should not have much trouble sending an 
FoI into the AGD for a copy of all of them -- they've just all been 
lodged for the current FY.

Besides all that, ip addresses and email addresses still need to 
"mapped" to a real person, a full feed of all their packets will not 
help LEOs identify the person(s) owing the packets.

Between VPNs, open proxies, bots, and trojans, I can't see how the LEOs 
will get much value from anything we hand them -- the only people likely 
to get really noticed are the patsies and the spectacularly stupid.


On 06/08/14 13:38, Ross Wheeler wrote:
> I wonder how we'd go... if we told 'em to "provide us an ethernet port 
> where we just squirt the data to" and let them concern themselves with 
> the cost and logistics of providing the bandwidth and storage. 

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