[AusNOG] Request: Contact for DEEWR in regards to IPv6 access to https://ecsn.gov.au/ Website

Mark Prior mrp at mrp.net
Sun Mar 31 21:58:28 EST 2013

On 31/03/13 2:40 PM, Kevin Karp wrote:

> Notwithstanding that there some on this list that prefer to believe that
> it is not happening, or, indeed, has (past tense) happened.

<http://www.mrp.net/ipv6_survey/#augov> would suggest that they are 
lagging behind their USA counterparts.

<http://www.mrp.net/ipv6_survey/diagnostics/deewr.gov.au.html> also 
shows that <htttp://www.deewr.gov.au> has an IPv6 address but it 
redirects to <http://deewr.gov.au> which doesn't. Cynics might suggest 
that they are faking IPv6 accessibility :-)


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